Saturday, February 9, 2013

torn & tattered

 that's how I feel these days.  My creative process is quite simple - I do pull out WAY too much stuff in complimentary shades and textures and make something pretty that I like.  And then, I move on to another color scheme.  It would, of course, make sense to make a bunch of things with all the stuff I have strewn about, but that just isn't me...! So, last week, when I was at the sewing machine with a "what to do?" look, my darling Cathrynn mentioned how much she loved a technique that I did on a purse I'd made for Loom a few months back (blue peacock and abstract pic).  What I loved about that was the texture that was created when I hand tore the nice weight fabric.  So, I got busy.  And then, at the very end found the perfect piece of eye-candy - this vintage brooch.  I L.O.V.E. the whole thing - the simplicity of it, how it is simple but dressy, romantic but not fussy.  Available now on etsy if you are interested.  thanks for the visit!

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