Saturday, February 23, 2008

puppy love

Today was the day. We brought home our pup. He is a brindle boxer dog, just like all the dogs my parents ever had. We originally were going to name him Chance as in Homeward Bound (or as my DDs like to say Homework Bound, lol!)

My mom & dad took home a sister - and are naming her Paisley. Isn't that a great choice? (I mentioned it a few times and was able to dissuade them from calling her Angel, Lady or TiaMia!)

Cathrynn is a natural with him. Liv's warming up slowly. And Frank, my DH, is a big fraud. When I met him, he was an animal lover, spending his time walking strays at a no-kill shelter. Now, he's barely tolerating this adorable guy. Whining about the dog smell. I've had to talk to him firmly about his negative vibes affecting the pup. We'll see. He wants the girls to have a dog but he's never had one and is spoiled with how independent our cats are.

So, what did we name him? I stole the name of one of my dear friend's 4-legged companions... our new guy is Dempsey. Don't be mad Darly, okay? Paisley & Dempsey - cool, huh?

The video's from my cell, but you get the idea - he's a cutie!


Daisy's said...

I thought was "Give a bad dog a good name and he'll live up to it". Why are you giving a good dog a bad name???? Hehehehe. He's adorable ! Good Luck !

Dana said...

OMG! He's so cute! But that name is going to mean trouble I tell ya! I hope he lets you sleep tonight.

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