Tuesday, February 19, 2008

D is for...

Dependable & Dedicated
Dog Lover
'cause we love nothing more than to poke fun at ourselves!
She's able to singlehandedly wrestle & rescue large pieces of furniture from trash piles,
talks to strangers on a regular basis,
and has been known to serve bean soup at tea party/cookie exchanges.
Every tiny corner of her home is packed with charming vignettes.
So this little D is for Dana, who was last seen cleaning her craft room,
which is the biggest and best I've ever seen.
Heck she even has a spare storage unit to handle the overflow.
I thought this pretty little D might brighten a spot there.


The Tattered Rose said...

Are you the Kelley who signed up for my St. Paddy's Day Tag Book Swap. Somehow i lost your email address. Please leave me a message if I have the right Kelley.
:Trish G.

Dana said...

D is also for Delighted! When can I pick up the little number? I can't believe this is for me! Thanks!!

BumbleVee said...

Dana sounds like my kinds person.... somebody fun and interesting to know....absolutely not full of herself...yaaaay for a normal down to earth person!! love her already.

okay.... now I better push my way into my craft room and do a bit of tidying.....

oh, and ...Kelley?.... never worry about any of US telling your hubby...sometimes we must make time for fun.