Monday, February 18, 2008

K is for

I just noticed that there aren't a lot of great adjectives that start with K...

  • Krazy-glue (well, I used Alene's of course)
  • Klepto (an Edith Bunker reference for us middle-agers)
  • Kelley (painfully obvious)

Yes, I know these aren't even adjectives.

I just scraped the bottom of the witty barrel to come up with these.

Yep, it's all mine for my bedroom. It makes me insanely happy to see all this bling in a tiny little spot for me to gaze at.

I'm working on a few others to share the love & will be listing soon. Stay tuned to see if I've blinged your inital.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

I Love that fancy "K".
K is for Kimberly too, ya know. LOL
You're right, though, not a lot of adjectives.

I think I have one of those wooden Ks floating around here somewhere. But I don't have enough bling to cover mine...maybe decopage and glitter??

Oh, and I LOVE the scrappy barkcloth picnic basket cover. So creative!

judie said...

I LOVE this! A year ago I bought the wood letters D R E A M and never did anything with them. Now I'm inspired. THANKS!

Do you have pics of the 1940' Homer Laughlin china? Direct me, I'd love to see! Nice to meet you. said...

Well, there is KARLA too!! She like blingy K's!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh Wow! Kelley! I'm so happy you visited me and now I've found you! What a terrific idea here! Lots of inspiration! Thank you!

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