Sunday, February 24, 2008

the name has been changed

to protect the innocent

naming a puppy after Darly's crazy poop machine pooch isn't of sound mind. As in a bad omen. If you believe in that stuff.

But I don't so the truth is last night (perhaps while dreaming about a certain sullen fellow) I came up with an even better name!

Drum roll please...

meet Mr. Mark Darcy, aka Mister, Mr. Darcy or Mark Darcy.

I'm certain my fellow Jane-ites will approve!
On a sad note, Mr. Darcy's little sister Paisley was returned to the breeder last night. Mom & dad's 6 y/o male boxer was too aggressive towards her. I would love to keep her too, but the not so dearH would be calling a divorce attorney. He is rather ticked at the new name as Darcy seems a bit feminine, but after his refusal to assist in any puppy maintenance, oh well!

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