Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vintage Style Halter Dresses

I may never make another tote. I love these. Using the vintage fabrics and making the dresses a bit retro with the halter back... very garden party. So happy my girls are still young enough to wear stuff like this without resisting.This didn't photograph as well as I'd have liked... but for an updated/retro feel and to give this baby some serious flouncing/twirling power - I used vintage hem tape on the outside of the bottom hem.
Now, off to clean and do laundry - the weather promises to be beautiful tomorrow and I plan to go to a big outdoor flea market tomorrow and would like to go guilt free!


Recycled Rita said...

These are beautiful! I love bark cloth! I just wish my little girl was still small enough to wear one of these...(she's almost 14!)
Keep on sewing, you make beautiful things!

Dana said...

Very Nice Kelley!
If you want to be guilt free ... I hear there's a book about how to live a guilt free life.

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