Monday, April 14, 2008

halter dresses

My model wouldn't stand excuse the blurry pictures and all that... I made this halter dress by altering a shirt pattern and adding the bottom tier. Not bad for a first attempt. I need to redo the neckline for the puckers. And use a MUCH smaller needle, I'm so used to working with upholstery fabrics that I'm clueless when it comes to this pretty old cotton... Based on the pattern, it was probably intended for tablecloths, don't ya think? And I lined it with an old pillowcase for cool, cotton comfort. I may whip up a batch to keep and sell. I have a bunch of old sheets and pillowcases that would be charming. Stay tuned.This baby is made from one of most favorite tablecloths of all time, that I once used as a paint drop cloth. Which begs the question WTH was I thinking?? Of course, I only got paint on the reverse, like that would okay. It's a lovely shade of warm taupe from Ralph Lauren that I painted my dining room in my last house. Btw, do I own an iron? Yeah, so why can't I just give a quick press to my final project so they look less like rumpled old fabrics?? And you may notice that I squared the neckline in this version. That's how I deal with pucker. Avoid those pesky cruves. Seamstress, not a chance. Crafter, yeah. I'm all about getting to the finished project and less about the details. Another character flaw revealed.


Daisys Little Cottage said...

Simply Fabulous Kelley!

regina barnett said...

Very good for a first favorite is the pink and blue Flowering one. Just darlin.