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My American Girls

The hype. I'm the guilty party. Ever since another lifetime ago when I had a stepdaughter and an American Girl Doll, I've been dreaming of my own girl's having theirs. A mom at dance was perusing the catalog and it was the perfect gift for Grammy & Pappy to get my girls for Christmas this year.

Cathrynn decided on a look-a-like doll and Liv circled just about every doll on every page. She still loves her babies, so I thought Itty Bitty would be perfect for her. Until Christmas morning when she opened her package, looked at Cathrynn's doll with the comb-able hair, and broken-heartedly announced, "but I wanted the one that looked like ME too!" I don't know which was worse, her face or my mom's. I won't be trusted with something like this ever again, that's for sure. She wants to know how soon hers will grow up and have long hair. I can assure she'll have a long haired doll coming on April 24th for her 5th birthday!I am disappointed that the American Girl Dolls & Accessories are made in China. And that most of the furniture is pastel plastic! The same stuff I've been ridding my house of since they've outgrown that stage. A short trip to the craft room resulted in this crib. Not bad, huh? Fabric and ribbon scraps, hot glue and an old wine crate. We love it!


Darly Dolittle said…
I can't believe Liv is going to be 5!!! Wow. Sweet photos, nice crib. It eats at my craw to that the dolls that are supposed to be so "American" are made in China. I feel the same way China would feel if they had to get rice from us.

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