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Yep - I'm day 4 of no computer. It had the blue screen of death on Saturday evening and is now in shambles awaiting my DS to put it all back together. We're all having withdrawl, and I must admit my house is getting pretty clean. I've lost all my files, too many pictures and all my favorite places! I'm at my Mom's getting a bit of a blog & message board fix. I feel lost.

In a moment of insanity, I've tackled & rearranged my craft room. It was baaaaaaaaaad. I'm lost in a pile of my junquey treasures, pictures, fabric, adhesives...

Send scones. And lemon curd.


Daisy's said…
OH NOOoooooooo! Sounds like you need to visit Doe Hill this weekend!
BumbleVee said…
can I come along too? 'specially if you guys are all having scones and lemon curd! Mmmmmm...

wish I wasn't on the other end of a different country...
Sending scones and lemon curd in spirit. Hope you are off to a good weekend, despite computer ills. :)
Aaaack! I feel your pain. :(

My hard drive crashed 4 years ago. I lost almost everything! My emails, inventory info, pictures.

I am really good at backing up files now.
So sorry. But hey, at least you've got a clean house and organized craft room.

Kimberly :)

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