Monday, January 21, 2008

Yep, that's ice

And it's coming from inside. 'Cause when the water came on from the frozen lines, we didn't realize right away that the drain was also frozen. Until I heard a melody of rain on the tin roof. Only we don't have a tin roof and this was water pouring from the 3rd floor, through the ventilation system, into the storage area of the basement.

Ahhhhh January - frozen pipes, water damage, space heaters, plumbers & insurance claims.

We've been there before. This is actually mild compared to the water damage of January 1999. One little gem of advice - don't turn off the heat if you're selling a townhouse in January in PA and closing the deal that same week, unless you can handle your unit bursting at the seams and flooding 5 more units. While we slept soundly miles away at our new house.

This time, I stopped a catastrophic event by explaining to the DH that he was warming the gas line, not a water line, into the dryer with a portable space heater. And that is not a good thing.

So, I can't decide if I'm battling an ear infection, or Liv's Strep. And my kiddos' minds have been turned to Disney slush as I left them in charge of the remote on this school holiday.

Hope you'all are faring much better than we are here.

Healthy Warm & Toasts Wishes coming your way...

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