Tuesday, January 8, 2008

this & that

Just a bunch of random stuff today...

Yesterday I took the girls to a near by park.
Blog-worthy because:
  • It's January and it should be about 20-30 degrees here, not almost 70! Wahooo!
  • I took this picture of the girls from above them up the steep hill. I usually plant my fat arse on the park bench and enjoy watching them play, and never venture up the hills unless I have a pretty picnic packed. But, with this healthy approach - I never sat down the entire 45 minutes we were there! EXERCISE. I'm doing it. I attended a WW meeting on Saturday and am easing into the Core Foods Plan. Feeling good about it, and sleeping so much better now that I'm wiped out by 11pm, not getting my second wind.
  • The girls are dressed in baggy play clothes after Cathrynn tripped over Olivia in the school yard when I picked C up and ended up caked with mud, head to toe, and quite traumatized. My gal couldn't just let the mud dry and go with it. She was upset and embarrassed. So, we headed home for some new clothes first.
  • Yesterday, Olivia mentioned that when she grows up she thinks she'll be skinny. Or like me. She hasn't decided yet. Hmmm...how's that for a moment of clarity, huh?
And a quiet conversation with Olivia last night, pillow talk as her sister slept across the room...
"when will we have bunk beds?"

I'm mildly surprised, because even though their beds can be made into bunk beds, the thought never crossed my mind, so I say, "I don't know, I'll have to think about that" with my standard fail-safe answer for just about everything.

Then she demands: "when Cathrynn goes to college, guess who will have the bottom bunk!"

I'm a bit caught on the thought of Cathrynn, my 1st grader heading off to college, so she plows ahead with the answer: "YOU, Mommy! It will be your turn to have the bottom bunk!

I couldn't help but smile at the thought.

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