Monday, June 23, 2008

The Capris from Hell

I was just chuckling at Alicia at Posie gets Cozy. And a bad dress she made. Ahhh the delusions of crafting our own garments.

It's the pattern covers - they never, evah, put a picture of the actual plus size person wearing the big ole garment. And really, making our own clothes - like everything we buy in a store is going to fit perfectly. Anything that requires computing your waistline into YARDAGE is a very, very bad idea.

Last week, I made a charming pair of capris for myself. Or so I thought. I'd never ventured into the world of wearing my own projects, I like to make sweet little girl dresses. I was starting to sweat at the AMOUNT of vintage fabric required to make a pair of capris look like I was wearing a sofa slipcover. A rather tight, ill fitting slipcover.

I can make tiny little capris without blinking, or glancing at the instructions. But, I tell you, I got confused. There was so much fabric. Sooooo confused that I sewed the wrong parts together. And had a really bow legged pair of capris. I still tried them on thinking it was just looking a bit homemade, less factory perfect. Honestly, I made them sideways AND upside down. Go ahead laugh. If I weren't so vain (and chubby), I'd have taken a pix of me. I am obviously a solid square. I'd mistakenly thought I was a pear all these years, but I am a short as I am wide. And I've got the pants to prove it.
Here's what the fabric looked like on a girl's size 6 sun dress. Try not imagine about 2-3 yards of the same fabric around my bottom. Btw, it only takes about about 5 yards of fabric to cover an arm chair. You do the math. I'm almost as big as the chair I'm sitting on.

That's it! Store bought clothes for me...

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BumbleVee said...

ahahahhahah are so funny....
... but, I, too, wish I was a little girl again...just to wear one of those cute little dresses you make.