Friday, June 20, 2008

my family room

I've lived with white walls in here for over a year. After the initial painting frenzy when we moved in, I had paint-overload and just could not paint again. I've regained my mental strength and I'm ready to tackle the these now dingy white walls.

Most of the room is a hodge podge of toys, tv, wii, pc, scanner, dog crate...And I'm hoping a simple coat of paint will transform this space into a bit of French Country. Yeah, optimistic, I know!!

These fabrics are for my bff, Dana - she selected the navy & floral fabrics for a chair she's going to upholster for me. I'm less inclined for a floral, and more for a nice damask - if not for the kids and pets - I'd go a champagne or dusty gold for the chair with some pops of color in throw pillows. An entire chair in navy floral, not feeling it.

What'd ya think?

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Daisys Little Cottage said...

Lovin that navy floral. What ever you choose, Dana will make it beautiful!

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