Tuesday, June 24, 2008

feathering their nest

The girls have made a certain corner of our family room their club house. The corner nearest to me while I'm on the computer. Right up my behind if you will.
It seems that every stuffed animal, blanket & pillow are required to properly cozy it up. Imagine my surprise when they also carried a small cabinet down stairs (in the 10 minutes I was cleaning the bathroom, I swear!) . Last night they had a sleep over plopped amongst their cuddlies. I slept on the sofa since I'm up 2-3x times with a certain puppy anyways.

And even though they slept soundly, the law of sleepovers prevailed and they both woke up grumpy. No SB on TV this morning. Yeah for me. They're making up for that nonsense by being super cute in summer sleuth mode - complete with hats, magnifying glasses and notebooks to record details.

Off to pool with a pile of old Country Living & Country Home. Have you noticed how timeless the summer issues are? Somethings are just classic - blue & white linens, lemonade in vintage glasses, rumpled slipcovers. I've begun to lighten up the house. If I could, I'd make some slipcovers for my tapestry sofa & chair set...



Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Your girls are so cute! What fun, a sleepover! Remember those days? Of course, I was always the one to fall asleep first. Have fun at the pool....


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Yes, the girls look mighty cozy. :)
Too cute!

I've been totally out of the blogging loop this month and have missed so many great posts!
Loved the capris story (and Alicia's Daniel Boone dress saga)LOL
That is exactly why haven't ventured into sewing clothes, yet.

Your other projects, the little girl dresses, turned out adorable!

Kimberly :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

How adorable!! My two are close in age and they used to do things like that when they were little. How sweet....I guess the closer to you the better!!

Elizabeth said...

Okay, you can't show those wonderful caramel rose pound cakes and not give the recipe! They look sooo good - and pound cake is one of my favorite things to snack on! Thanks for sharing!

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