Friday, March 4, 2011

Before & After

Before = basic, dated, functional and solid, grungy from my years of kiddo abuse I was inspired by recent all the fearless bloggers - especially MMS - my mouse is broke so I can't figure out how to copy the link to her site, but hopefully the picture below will take you there. The fabric reminded me off a nice soft linen with a burlap weave.
This is now my desk chair. My style is pretty Paris Apt. (did I admit that I'm going back to France this month? Never say never! But that's another post!)
I painted a hodge-podge of layers of paint from different home projects and wall, dry brushed with a drab antique gold metallic. And I added three rows of vintage labels for some whimsy. And I am in LOVE love LOVE with fabric labels. It's my new obsession. Wait 'til you see what I've been up to... but that too is another post, so stop back if you want to see.
After = TaDa I will be the first to admit that this is all hot glue and I have the burned fingers to prove it. I totally winged. I isn't reupholstered, just recovered. The fabric and foam/padding were still so solid... once I get tired of this I'll hopefully be ready to use my big girl staple gun. And I have two French Provincial chairs that I'm working on - rescued from the curb by my STBX. Gotta love that. I told him I'd give him my two wing chairs if he'd go get and let me rip 'em apart in his garage. Now he has the stink bugs. I swear. I'm not admitting nothin! Go check out the fun over at:
Furniture Feature Fridays


Sincerely said...

This looks incredible! I never would have thought you hot glued the whole thing! I'm refinishing a pair of chairs in a similar shape so now I have an idea of what they can look like!


Mariaelena said...

I'm loving this chair. I have one I'm working on now that I hope to post soon. You did a great job...Have a GREAT time in Paris!!
please visit my rather new blog:
thanks, and Happy Thursday...

LiBBy said...

Totally rocked it.

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