Monday, March 14, 2011

My Passport(s)

Yep. A week after ransacking my house. Tearing everything apart. And last night I went to put away the sewing machine that's been sitting on the dining room table cause I'm trying to make the house presentable while I'm away. And on the floor in the linen closet where I THOUGHT my passport was hidden on the top shelf - tada... my passport.
It was under the sewing machine vinyl cover.
Did I really not look there?
I went through about
20 tins of beads,
4 suitcases of vintage papers,
6 totes of fabric
every pocket on every piece of clothing that I own.
In and on every dish in my kitchen.
and in all my Christmas decoration totes!
And I told my boss that I'd lost it.
Who is a rock I tell ya - he's the last person who would ever lose something valuable.

And today my new one came.
What a life.
Self supplied.
Saturday - middle seat, 9 hour flight + Sunday - exploring caves in France = Xanax
Another chapter in my book I suppose...
(WOW - check out this link about caves - hopefully my love of history will outweigh my claustrophobia!!)

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A Vintage Vine said...

So glad you found it!!! Have fun!

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