Sunday, March 6, 2011

where in the *&#@ is

my passport?

I think I HID IT SO IT WOULDN'T GET STOLEN by the nice man who fixed my water heater. Cause I'm sure he was the type to steal a middle-aged woman's passport with my horrid picture. I wish I could add the little thingy for :rolleyes: here!

And I am not just saying that - it was the worst picture I've EVER taken... I'm pale, so pale I look like an Albino, and the employee couldn't get any darker and wasn't sure if it was legal. We joked at work that I'm too white to leave the US! And stern, so stern -I'm used to telling people they can't smile on pictures for Visa applications... I took that to heart. I look like a cross between a nun and a prison guard. And, the well-defined the double chin didn't even alarm me so much cause there are somethings you expect after you've been seeing them a few years.

And I don't want to tell you this, but I may need to go through all my Christmas stuff, cause I pulled it all out right after I returned from France in November. And maybe it got lost in that shuffle. Or the daily shuffle that is ME. Since November just about everything I own has been shifted, swapped, moved around in my creative chaos.

If I don't have it by tomorrow I'm going to have to tell my boss that I'm a flake that I hid my and I can't find it now. Will he authorize me to get a speedy replacement that the company will have to pay for? Safety deposit box anyone? Nah.

And, then I'm not sure maybe this is a BIG SIGN. A red flag. No passport = no travel. What if this is my OMEN? My big red flag?


If I can find my camera I'll show you my ransacked mess. I thought I may have put in with craft supplies, cause that sounds like something I would do. Cause that's where my diamond engagement ring is - swear to God - it's in a tin of buttons. And it's still there. THAT I know.


My Dad lit a candle at Mass this morning. And my Mom is praying to a saint. She can't remember which one handles lost stuff/causes... Cause the apple doesn't fall from the tree. Can't remember where the tree is...

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