Friday, March 11, 2011

I like to sew buttons and beads on stuff

But not if it is necessary for a purpose. You with me? My dad still asks about the pair of jeans that only needed a button sewn on. It seems he gave them to me about 4 years ago in my sewing crazy days. Oops!

I love to take scraps of fabrics and notions and make 'em into something pretty. I'm not an abstract artist - I like my little creations to look like stuff when I'm done. How's that for deep?!

Any how... I am in love with vintage labels and O M G this City Paris new old stock unused labels. Well - as part of a challenge at Karla's I broke in to my besties! The fabric was from an upholsterer that went out of business and I've been treasuring it for 3 years! (that drama can be read about here.)

I have 2 rolls of the vintage City Paris labels... and I still fretted about using this much! My friend, (only follow this link if you like a good laugh and aren't too uptight!) Libby and I are having so much fun and making some pretty pretty stuff at our craft-o-dramas that we're kicking around getting a gig going for other locals and locos ;) . I thought this would be a great class to offer... But who knows? We may just end up drinking margaritas, laughing and treasure hunting.

Speaking of drinking - when I'm in France next weekend I was invited to go wine tasting in a cavern. Doesn't that sound like a CAVE? Sounds divine. I'm really claustrophobic. Really. Like I'm packing Xanax because I have the middle seat on a packed 9 hour flight. Really. I can't make this stuff up. Mind over matter old gal, you can do this... !

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LiBBy said...

If ever there was a time to say "OMG!, it is now. Kelley, this is splendidly divine!

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