Thursday, September 13, 2007

What makes me Junquey, you ask?

Not Junk. Not Junky. At least not by my definition!

Junquey: Rescued, redesigned, reclaimed, salvaged, reused.

Treasures, old stuff, vintage, antiques, castoffs.

Yep, that's me and everything that I love. I love vintage clothes, but find it's too hard to wear them without at the very least a girdle, but more than likely liposuction! So I remake them into something functional for today.

A pale pink gorgeous beaded sweater was loved & worn for many years before I found it. Unfortunately, there were also signs of real use - some not so delicate stains. I gently hand laundered, & it passed the ultimate rule - no smelly, yucky old stuff. For a season or two, this sweater was casually tied on the back of a chair. Now, it's been given a new life as I salvaged the best bits & pieces and added it to some 1940s icy blue drapes, newer upholstery fabrics & brocades and voila -

a stylish tote for an afternoon of antiquing, book club, lunch with the girls...

I love to take stuff apart and make something new. I'm not a seamstress - more a junquey visionary! :D The straps were the drapery hem. I stitched the loose edge but left them a bit ragged - in true shabby chic style. Raw or selvage edges of fabric - a perfect fringe or edge in my sewing world. Not too perfect, embracing the imperfections along the way. Just like me!

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futuregirl said...

I think it's great! And you have the best attitude, too. :) Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Now I see that you are always pragmatic and smart.

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