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So lovely you could stop by...

At the invitation from Karla to share a romantic room or corner of our homes, I'm showing my dining room - we've just moved here six months ago and it's the most done room. And my most favorite! It really isn't too prissy (in my humble opinion :) ) and we eat dinner in here most evenings. Yep, the kids eat their mac&cheese & nuggets here and you'll find a cat warming your seat most days.The furnishings are mainly thrifted and treasured. The funeral basket was from my grandparent's green house - I obviously didn't inherit the green thumb even for silk arrangements so I just stuck a bunch of fall flowers in for the photos! The perfectly shabby pink cabinet houses my ivory and gold Crooksville china collection. The painting was done by my dear friend, Dana and I welcomed it with open arms when she grew tired of it. Another fabulous find from another dear friend, Darla, is the huge French Provincial dresser & mirror. At my tearoom, it served me well as the counter for my cash register. The brass candlesticks had been lamps in a previous life. Now, it stashes quite a bit of my china. I've tried not to show the most dismal of light fixtures, a new (old, of course!) one has been purchased but hasn't been installed yet. The wrought iron bird cage was a $4.99 thrift store find that I haven't even hosed off or properly decorated, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing it! I just realized my table isn't in any pix! I'll try for more later...Thank you for stopping by... leave a comment - I'd love to hear from you! And here's a tote that the fall weather inspired...


I love the cherub holding the bowl of crystals!

thanks for coming to the party!
daisy cottage said…
So many lovely touches to be found here in your home! Thank you for sharing - enjoyed my visit!!

I have the same dresser as you! Mine was dark wood and I painted it white. I love all your cherubs. I have one on my dresser too!
Thank you for sharing your home with everyone! I love the cherub and all the crystals!
What a lovely home!
I love cherubs.
I like your style!
Felicia said…
What a beautiful home. Thanks for the tour!

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