Tuesday, September 18, 2007

knock-off or knock it off?

Sorry I've been MIA- this back to school schedule has already sapped my free spirit. I'm always rushing to get someone somewhere.

Yesterday, I was able to steal a few minutes for myself in between the preschool drop-off and after school pick-up schedule. A better woman than me would've raced home and cleaned their messy house, but not me - I made a trip to a thrift store we affectionately refer to as, the Junkyard.

While there I saw a cutest floral canvas purse by Ralph Lauren. I almost bought it. 'Cept for the stain inside that I truly hope was a chocolate bar gone bad. So, I did the next best thing and tried to make my own version. I know RL's people won't be coming after me... the only things similar, the tied handles and a vague resemblance to the shape, if you squint your eyes. And hey, I know it's not perfectly even - I did this without measuring at 1:00am. 'Cause that's how & when my creativity flows...
Another find - a huge roll of vintage wallpaper for $3.49:
And a big 'ole chipped up teapot for $4.99 that now keeps more of my kitchen utensils at hand in the worst laid out kitchen in suburbia:More stuff in the car. Hidden until I clean up this place so the husband doesn't freak. Or trip over it.

Keep crafting & thrifting girlfriends...! Ciao!


Darly Dolittle said...

WoW! Glad to see you had a good day at the junkyard. Another fab tote birthed. U go junquey gal ! Very, very nice piece though not as nice as the simply superb bunny/garden tote you are making me!
Can U take me to Junquey Town?, Can U take me to, JUNQUEY TOWN?" ( to the tune of that pop 80's hit).
Darly Dolittle

Kelley said...


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I LOVE Your site. I Love your stuff. I Love your teapot rack, (so clever). So glad I checked out your "other" blog and soooo totally get the stuff about rearranging and trying to make it "just right"! I'm adding you to my favs. Thanks a heap for the greatest definition of junque...ever. Thank goodness someone understands that it doesn't mean trash.

Lilli said...

What a lovely blog :) Your totes are charming (you're obviously very creative). I have a lot of gemini tendencies too, so I understand!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love the teapot idea to hold utensils. I adore the wallpaper and your bag is so lovely. Is that bark cloth?