Sunday, September 2, 2007

Good Stuff

Went to Home Depot for the kid's project & out to lunch & made sundaes from an ice cream bar with Grammy & Pappy.Took Vince & Caitlin with us to a church fair and had pierogis, halushki, funnel cakes, & fries loaded with malt vinegar (yes, I joined WW this week! ) . Had their faces painted & won the prerequisite silly little prizes from the ducky pond, including a really inappropriate noise maker that Cathrynn had fun with while walking through the crowd.

Decided to stop at Dana & Fred's 'cause you know, we were only 20 minutes away, and Fred & Frank both saw this as a ping-pong opportunity. Even Vince & Caitlin played a few rounds, the girls enjoyed the freedom run & explore their verdant oasis & found - among other things - a prickly caterpillar. Caitlin & Vince were all over the kittens & cats, especially the blind purr-ball named Ashes. Fred delighted us all with a bonfire at dusk, & Dana brought out the marshmallows. Laughter & reminiscing about the annual bonfires Mom & Dad used to host every October. Toasted marshmallows (did I mention I joined WW this week & have the willpower of a gnat on rotten fruit?) . Cathrynn fell asleep on the ride home happily murmuring, "my first bonfire".

I didn't cook one thing all day. I didn't plan any of it. It all just fell together. Good stuff.

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Pamela said...

Don't you just love days like that? Sounds perfect.