Friday, September 7, 2007

an over thrift'ed world

Menswear. The last place to get deals.

Anyone else miss the good 'ole days? Circa 1998... ebay was still a newbie idea - the thrift stores were giving away their vintage stuff. Sure, some antiquer-s would come and buy some dusty stuff from behind the counter, but the rest was fodder for us Junquey Gals - the shabby chic linens, Paris Apt. lamps - I was known as the Lamp Lady for a while there... cases of china for a song.

And we bought, sold, bartered, pouted over lost treasures, traded and bought more. You could make a killing on ebay - the market wasn't flooded yet. Collectors would pay dearly. And then the thrift stores got a clue, and started charging retail prices.

A vintage dress at the thrift store these days - if it even makes it to the store rack without being cherry picked by some employee- may go for the very least $9.99, but I've seen them for $49.99+. That's crazy talk!

So, on my last thrifting excursion (cause I am not so jaded as to think that I might not find a great old deal for a steal!) I veered off course and ended up in menswear. Vintage wool sports coats with silk lining and great label - $2.49. A nubby silk coat with the $450 price in the pocket - $4.99. Shhhhhh... our secret, okay?

So, I snatched up a few - paired them with some vintage & new fabrics, and the lowly tote bag is reformed. Perfect for your next antiquing day! I call this one the Henrietta & Harry Tote. Of course, all her friends called her "Hen" because she doted on her family so much...


Dana said...

The tote looks great Kelley! Keep up the good work!

Kathleen Grace said...

I totally agree, the thrift stores arent so thrifty anymore! I still love them though for the chance to find a great deal, your approach of looking where others dont is a great one! Thinking outside the box gets you everywhere!