Sunday, August 12, 2007

No chenille was harmed in this project!

Cathrynn's bed re-do.

The day after we moved in, I painted the girls' room. The room's large so we decided to put them together in a room, so they each got to pick a paint color for their two walls. Liv = yellow, Cathrynn = pink - hard to believe, huh? That was February when I was on a painting roll. Things have sputtered out. The beds are solid old dark oak. Very nice, but shiny & dark means lots of sanding, priming... I just couldn't talk myself into it. Dana & I have talked about slipcovering them. I think she begged me not to hot glue anything - but that's what happens when your friend's an upholster & you're an instant gratification kinda gal - so with trusty hot glue gun in hand and two old chenille bedspreads - ta-da! Cottage style without the mess.

Liv's bed - before pix:

The chenille spreads had a lot of gorgeous old icing on them - but as often happens - near the top/pull area - the thinner chenille's been worn thin and these are now cutters - project chenille.
Liv's bed after:

The flower & letter stickers on the wall - temporary until I get motivated to paint 'em myself!

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