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The Baking Ballerina

Liv dropped out of preschool. She assures me that this isn't a trend and that kindy won't be the same repeat performance of clinging and crying. I'm choosing to believe her. And really who would want to go play with their peers when they can stay home with their ultra-cool mom and do crafts, go thrifting & bake?
Here she is striking a pose in the dining room. On closer review, it doesn't appear to be an actual ballet position. She's up on the chair cause the puppy likes to grab ankles and knees and bite. This day was complete with ballet & tap lessons followed by sugar cookie baking. The apron is one I bought before my DDs were ever born way back in my ebay craze of the late 90s. I'm so glad I kept it. You can't tell by my pix, but it's a pale calico and matchs her lavendar leotard. The best feature - a tiny pocket near the waist - you know how little ladies love little pockets. She wore this outfit all day, and later added her pink glitter snowboots. Fashionista!


BumbleVee said…
I always think kids learn so much more by being at home... and she is already going to dance lessons as will be totally well rounded for sure.

We did none of that as kids (couldn't afford it for starters and besides that it wasn't done in those days) I am ancient. My youngest sis finally took dance in her early teens when we were already earning by babysitting. ......somehow, most of survived pretty well intact... lol ...

she will be fine........

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