Monday, March 10, 2008

Hippity Hoppity

Easter's on it's way!
But, it's just not working for me this snow on the ground and planning children's Easter attire. Last year, we had the Egg Hunt in the snow. So much for pretty dresses when the snow parka is covering it! So, I'm waiting 'til the last minute to make, or buy, the girl's dresses. 'Cause that's how I operate any how!!

Instead of sewing, you'll see that I'm still glittering and glueing. And here's the happy little results. This paper is vintage wrapping paper that I found in a big box of really, really musty old papers. And I've carefully planned every inch of it. The DDs have been given the "hands and scissors off" warning. I used white ultra fine glitter on all the polka dots, and all the bunnies. Can I tell you how happy these look in real life? Charming if I do say so myself!
And, I noticed that this vintage yellow wallpaper has a medallion that is oval, so I made some pretties with lots of vintage satin ribbons & glitter. They do look like eggs and not Xmas ornies, right?

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Daisy's said...

sweet sweet sweet

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