Sunday, March 30, 2008

busy, busy, busy

It's been a whirl here...
French Country Butterfly Weekend Tote
(click picture to enlarge for detail) Blue & Salmon Funky Floral Tote
V and his girlfriend, C spent a few days with us. I wish I could say they were enjoying their spring break. Instead, they tackled the terrible task of helping me sort out our messy basement. I took before and after pix but I'm too embarrassed to show either! The girls love to have them, and Aesop, the kitten visit. I was just sipping hot cocoa and talking with DH about how nice it is when they visit, they are so patient and good with the girls, I'm the one that got the spring break! I'm hoping all my recent totes on ebay tomorrow.Yawn, I guess that means I should log off and stop looking to buy fabric on ebay tonight...

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