Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Bling & Sewing Strength

I've officially put away the St. Patty's Day stuff from my craft table. I've listed some of the leftovers on etsy if you're interested. And I'm moving towards Spring with some more pretty bling. This K could be for Kelley, but it's not for Keeper. I decided to make a few in colors I don't typically decorate with (but love!) and in some letters that aren't mine or my DDs! So, this K is being offered on etsy too. That green butterfly is a hair barrette and I purchased an entire bag of crappy stuff (broken yucky watches, keychains) just to get to it and memories of my childhood. It had to go with this pretty collection of bling & buttons!

Did you watch Project Runway? Were you disappointed? I was. I was happy that Christian was a bit more humble at the end but I must wonder if he'd have been the winner had Posh not been the judge! And Jillian - the weird helmets just did me in. I couldn't get past it. I prefer the segments with them slaving over the design concept and the sewing machines.

Which reminds me that I MUST finish an Ohio State tote for my niece that I started in January and then got discouraged. And then her bff wanted one too. Are you that way? Do you have trouble working on stuff you don't love? I am pretty excited that some 18 year old girls like my purses, but still. Speaking of sewing, Julie over at Jane's Apron has some great links for the sewing amongst us - stop over if you haven't before - her style is so fresh and bright and clean. But back to my avoiding the sewing OSU totes - in a cleaning and decluttering burst, I put the sewing machine away and have been playing with glitter & glue instead. But these glimpses of spring have me itching for some new totes and some dresses for the DDs. If I can only tackle the red & gray tonight. Give me strength! So tonight - S is for sewing strength.


rochambeau said...

Such beautiful happy bejeweled work you create Kelley and what a lovely blog. So happy you came to visit Rochambeau yesterday and that I found you today!


Anonymous said...

Hi- I'm with you. I think from now on I won't be watching the end of Project Runway. Honestly, I think want I really like is all the middle episodes after the "obviously not going to win and how were they picked to do this" crew is gone. But by the last four I could admire that each of their talents were very different and not necessarily better than the other.

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