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Beware the Ides of March!

I love to say that. Add that to the many cool things this week. DH's birthday is the 16th, and he hates it - people who mistakenly think he was born on St Patrick's Day, that his birthday is always dismal and gloomy. He is a Pisces and I love to remind him that he's a big, wet fish. My old boss was born this week too and he was always in the same mood as DH - affected terribly by the weather... I couldn't win! I'm not Irish and haven't celebrated it again since I was 18 and got married on that date, yikes! There was no luck for me on that gray day in 1984!

This year I threw my old resolutions about St Patty's Day to the wild March wind & joined 2 tag swaps! These are some of my efforts.


BumbleVee said…
why don't you guys pick another date and celebrate his birthday then? Bake a cake, play some silly games.... just enjoy some fun times on a day one weekend and call it his birthday. Make it a fun day to remember....

If we are busy renovating..(which we usually are)..or if Greg is working on his day, or whatever.... we just pick a day...any day... and do our thing. He always bakes my birthday cake for my day...and I bake one for his. I like carrot cake..and he makes the absolute best in the world.. bar none, and I have tasted plenty. Then I choose a special chocolate one for his.... but since our birthdays are only a week apart(even if also many years hahahha)... we don't like having two cakes on the go at the same it is good to pick some other day...

I'm not Irish either...but I can pretend.... if you read this in the morning..."top o' the mornin' to ye me darlin' "
preservecottage said…
Happy St. patrick's Day-- A memorable day for Award giving. I am so pleased to pass the You Make My Day Award on to you. You can see the original rules on my blog and you can see how I have used my own rules. But the most important part is that your Blog is truly a joy and deserves an award of this high caliber. THanks

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