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Me too!

Wednesday was Cathrynn's first day of first grade. She was almost late b/c Olivia tried to upstage the whole thing by refusing to walk down the stairs, insisting to either be in the pix, or that I take the same solo pix of her. I so deserve this - I made quite the scene when my sister left me to go to school. The story goes that I laid on the sidewalk and sobbed. My mother consoled me by taking me to the store for a treat and the cashier asked "why isn't a big girl like you at school?" Oh the drama.

When I was little, I barely spoke - my only words, "Me, too!" in response to everything my older sister Kim did or said. A few years ago I found this book at the pediatrician's waiting room and gasped. A fragment of my childhood. The story that illustrated my little life. I requested to buy it and insisted to pay for it even when they told me I could have it (maybe I was misty eyed and they were afraid!), cause we all know you just can't take a book from anywhere you want when you have 2 kids in tow 'cause that'd be stealing!

I could not wait to call Kim and mom. Kim was floored that I'd found THE book. Mom, well, she had a mom moment - "really, there was a book...? I don't remember". Here's a bad scan of a scrapbook page I did a few years ago about me and Kim:
My journaling:
Can you hear the echo? I'll bet you can. I bet I said that a billion times...and my adorable little toddler words are still bouncing around the universe. No matter waht Kim did I was tagging along behind her and announcing "ME TOO" to anyone who would listen. My parents doubted my speaking skills since the only thing I said for many years:
I was a wanna be from any early age. I wanted to be my big sister. She was all the stars in my little sky. I couldn't keep up with her, couldn't ride a two-wheeler when she could. She was two years older and always stepping off my little world into a whole other world. The story is that she broke my heart when she left me and went to school. Me, too!


Aaahhhh. Such a sweet story. It sounds like you and your sister are very close.

My big sis and I are nearly 2 years apart, too.

I don't remember having the same "Me too" thing, though.
I only remember her thinking she was old enough to boss me around, and I would have none of that!
Needless to say, we fought a lot.

I think if we had A BOOK, it would be called "You're Not The Boss Of Me". LOL

Kimberly :)

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