Monday, June 4, 2007


Nothing like repairmen coming over to get me to clean the place a bit. Frank loves to have company over just for my famous "big" clean. Vince is the same way. It's the daily preventative maintenance & attention that we're on the lazy side. I prefer busy, but Frank is really busy but still tidy so I know it's me!

So, on this rain drenched Monday morning, I've already vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed the dining room floor with a pleasant orange oil. I'm about to fizzle out. Veg in front of the computer mode is sucking me in. Soon I'll be hitting my favorite message boards, blogs, ebay auctions, and trashy celeb news. The SAHM version of the Monday morning water cooler.

Goals - gotta have them I'm told. So - stand back - here I go, at 42 this old gal is making some changes. Hereby declaring Monday & Thursday big clean days. Not that I have a maid in the wings to do all the other stuff, just hoping it will keep me on task. Unlike my usual ADD self.

Next goal - healthy eating and DAILY exercise, omg it took me 3 tries to even spell exercise, lol!
My goal had been to be Fabulous at 40. Then I lost steam and ended up even worse than before - Fat & 40. I saw somewhere that 40 is the new 20. Now we're talking motivation. I'm ready. I'm over setting goals like birthdays and reunions (although my 25th is next year, blech). I have a toothache pain in my leg - I laid awake thinking it was cancer eating away at me. More likely protesting the walk we took Saturday night, with a dash of rain induced arthritis pain.

Goal - scrapbook!! First - finish, er start, the Marine Corp. album that I gave to Dad empty three years ago. Then, use my space. I wanted a 4th bedroom to craft. Made it pretty darn charming and comfy. I keep telling myself that it's too nice to be stuck inside with the girls. Truthfully, I'm have scrap block. Too much time on 2peas oogling the new stuff & styles. I'd rather shop for new than use what I have. Big surprise, huh?

Summer book goals - hey - I'm on this one! 2 down, working on another. That's more than I read in 2006! Can you keep a secret? I liked it alot - a totally summer read, kept hearing Bridget Jones in my head but that's not a bad thing when reading on the back porch, sipping lemonade & margaritas.

Short term - goal - feed the girls. TTFN!

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