Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the strongest woman I know

Gramm is continuing to be the strongest woman I've ever known. Today at the hospital was a totally different scene. She was asleep or maybe the morphine is knocking her out, it isn't a peaceful sleep btw. But I sat and stroked her hand. She tried to focus on me and the girls. I was selfish. I wanted them to be there, just few a few minutes. I wanted her to know they were there. I can't tell you the number of times she said how much life they brought to the house when they visited. Vince called about coming home. I wish I had the answers for him. He's at Caitlin's house in Uniontown and it's about a 4hour round trip to come home for her dad. He mentioned how we just got there in the final moments when Pappa passed.

She's not eating. Aunt Do was force feeding her mom said. Not while I was there. It wouldn't have happened. So, it will be just days I guess. Yes, she's given up. I'm in awe of her once again - the strength of those who survived the depression and were never the same. She's doing what I'd want to do at the end of such a long and full life, she's leaving us. Sad for us. Hard for us.

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