Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lazy Days of Summer

Yesterday was C's last day of kindy. She's already mentioned that she'll be in 1st grade in just 10 weeks. She got a perfect attendance award. She loves school so much. I'll be hard pressed to keep her happy this summer. She made a pretty basket for Mrs. Campbell - we stopped by Preserve Cottage and came out with a robbin's egg blue basket, verbena soap, tiny tlight candles shaped like cardinals (too sweet to ever use I'll bet!), a tiny birdhouse... And then a stop to the S&S - some pretty teatowels with flowers and a bird house, colbalt glass lawn ornaments, and a miniature rose bush. A yellow and white polka dot ribbon was all it needed for perfection. I'm sure she will never forget when she carefully carried it over to Mrs. C. The delight for both of them was real. Good stuff.

Liv's trip to the ped looks like a waste of our $15 co-pay. She's doing much better, and of course, it must've been a virus.

Off to the library. I stayed up until 3am reading & finishing The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. I loved her effortless writing and true emotions. Believably real and sad. EDITED to add - Well, I just followed the link I put here. I am blown away and at a loss for words. I can not believe that Ann Hood lost a daughter and this story was about her coping with and the lies about grief. I don't think I 'd have made it past the 1st chapter had I known. As it was, I sat in the living room with a box of tissues and tears spilling all over me.

A relief after days I'd just struggled with E. Berg's A Year of Paradise. It was just too unbelievable. A waste of my time.

It is a glorious summer day - sunny, no humidty and only in the low 70s. I've been tinkering around the house all day & the girls have been playing dolls. Lazy days alright.

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