Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I need to create something

The moving process has sucked up my creativity. Sure I've been busy. I've had fun, but everything has a purpose. The drapery in the window needs to be split and made into two panels, the bathroom walls need finished, or the green painter's tape is going to be part of the decor. Most has been fun, but none of this is just plain old dabble with my paints and glue. I want to play with my stuff!

Today's goal - create something small & pretty. Maybe thank you notes for Dana & Darla?

Finish placing the mosaic table top. Maybe have it grouted and sealed for the weekend. Now that's a goal I could do. If I could just get off the computer!

Tomorrow's goal - work on the Father's Day album. I mean it. Not going to wait until the day before. Righto. New regime. Gotcha.

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