Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sick kiddo

When Olivia gets sick I worry. I keep dreading and fearing that a fever is going to send us back into the tailspin that was 2003-2005. She had a rash after a long day outside on Saturday. Sunday she was in tights all day, and Monday I did notice that the rash seemed more raised - a bit like bite - just as we'd guessed since she'd been in the grass all day + her skin is just such a mess - the eczema and bumps and bruises cover her legs. But there were only 10 or so of these bumps. Fastforward to today. A fever, chills, really cranky. So, does she have a mild case of the chicken pox??? I'm freaking. Did I miss it? The neighbor kids have not been outside all week - are they sick? Weird. If I take her to the ped tomorrow will they have to do bloodwork and will we find out bad news about her neutropenia? I've been waiting for this shoe to fall since January 2005 - our last visit to the Hematology Dept. @ Children's Hospital. Even Frank is worried. Now that's scary. He knows it could all be back again - shots, dr. visits, blood chks.

I just brought her downstairs - naked and shivering, feverish, refusing to take the Tylenol pills. She finally dozed off - asking for the gum I'd promised if she took the meds. No dice baby girl. It's going to be a long night.

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