Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mosaic Madness

Have you ever worked on something too long and it started to look like crap? Not even looking like anything? When you say a word repeatedly and then you start to think you're talking jibberish? I'm at that stage. I'm tired of wiping the china clean and getting all gunky. I fell asleep wondering if I could pipe the grout around each piece! I'm glad I started on the small table. I'd have chucked it by now if I was doing the eatin' table. What I think I'm going to do for that is put a thick layer the all in one adhesive/grout/sealer and then imbed (embed? see neither looks like a word - that's what I'm talking about!) the stuff into it. This might just be another one for the what was I thinking? pile. Thoughts, comments and even more so - roll up your sleeves and join in help - are of course appreciated!

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