Friday, June 1, 2007

They were Singing & Dancing

Cathrynn's kindy class had a year end musical review. It was so sweet. Luckily they did something since they totally diss a cute graduation ceremony like V had in kindy. I can't tell you that C was an energetic or enthusiastic singer - but she was tall and stuck in the back row & seemed pleased we were there (me, Liv, Grammy & Pappy) . When she had her line & said her name - she spoke clearly. Tomorrow I'm sure we'll watch it a few times with Dada (since he was at work today) .

Olivia's dance rehearsal performance was pretty sweet as well. They were all over the place, as 4 y/os can be on a huge stage. Heck, I'd be lost too! They ran through it 3 times with them. I swear we moms looked like papparazzi - the poor kids were probably blinded by flash - no wonder they were off their marks! Should be pretty entertaining.

Mom & Dad took us to the food court at the Village for my bday dinner - the girls were thrilled w/ their Subway. Then some shopping. Some tequila and picnic margarita glasses. Nice touch.

Vince remembered my bday and called me. He was out photographing for his final project. I keep hoping and praying that it all stays good with him.

Frank finished the day with a surprise since he'd told me he was doing my bday tomorrow. Nope, we were all sitting out on the deck enjoying the setting sun when he appeared with a pastry box. Now we're talking! Chocolate silk pie w/ huge shavings of chocolate and mounds of freah whipped cream for The Pie Place. How he managed to get it here w/out melting and then smuggled it in the house - I can't tell you. Big brownie points for the man!

Might have a sliver now that I mentioned it.

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