Friday, June 29, 2007

leprechauns spotted

well not actually, they were spotted leopards at the zoo but Cathrynn caused us to do that parental smile when she announced that they were leprechauns. And when we casually mentioned that they were leopards, she said "Oh right! Leprechauns are real people, not aminals." Ummm, okay for now. She's still six. And we let her say aminals vs. animals cause it's so darn cute and the last of her baby talk enunciations.

Sometimes the best days are the spontaneous ones. The ones were you insist to your spouse that 80% chance of thunderstorms isn't ideal weather for trekking through the rainforest with 2 kiddos. What did I know? It was a great day. It started as a lazy afternoon - even the lions were cuddle-dumpling on a cliff. One raised his mighty mane and gave us a lazy look before enjoying his nap. The elephants were a blast too. Luckily they were out in the fields 'cause the girls decided their house was too stinky to even visit. Two years ago the monkeys were such a favorite that we went back up the hill to see them one last time. Not this year. Liv could barely get in the door without gagging. It was a speedy trip.

Other great moments - Frank feed a peacock - Juno - crackers by hand. Cathrynn touched a stingray, had a deer sniff her and went into the petting zoo area with kangaroos. Liv hung back with me. We did get pounded with some rain - but used the times to our advantage - at the aquarium and later at tree house in tree tops with an impromptu picnic. We were so caught up in the moment that we didn't notice that the rain had almost stopped and the sound we were hearing was a waterfall under our shelter.

Liv did mention that it was her first visit there - we'd left her in the car the previous times. What a hoot - where'd she get that idea? I'll have to pull out the pix to prove her wrong.

Day 2 - no diet coke. Frank mentioned that I was so calm. Hmmm... was it the caffeine withdrawl headache maybe?

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