Thursday, July 19, 2007

As cute as a button!

The one glued to her nose. I left the girls unattended for 5 minutes in the craft room making sock puppets. And in that time they glued buttons to their own noses. Luckily, it was plain old Elmer's Glue and none of my secret stash of really sticky stuff. And as, Dana pointed out, not scissors. Seems they're at a prime age to try their own beauty shoppe routine. I don't know which would be worse - on themselves or on each other. I could see Cathrynn in big sis mode - "now listen Liv, I know what I'm doing, hand me the scissors and don't be a tattletale..." Yikes! I don't know if I should give them a little talk about what NOT to cut. I just don't want to give them any bad ideas. I'll remain silent and hope for the best. Has worked before a time or two in parenting. Cathrynn looks more than a bit maniacal in this pix and I'm only sharing b/c heaven help us if she sees Liv's pix is posted but not hers. I also for the first time think she looks a lot like me. Hmmmmm.

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