Sunday, July 22, 2007

ice cream sandwiches for breakfast

That's what happens when you're 4 or 6 and have an impromptu sleep-over at Grammy & Pappy's. Complete with baking sugar cookies, sleeping in their clothes, and ice cream sandwiches for breakfast. If the evening hadn't been quite so cool, they would've been able to sleep out under the stars on the gliders, and would've been completely over the moon. What magical moments.

Frank already had a guy's night out planned. That gave me an unexpected evening with my girlfriends. Don't you love when things just fall together? Not scripted & planned. When the details just fall together? The more I plan, the greater chance that something will go wrong.

Not last night. With the little girls and Frank off to their own amusement, I headed to the hills for my own gal's night out. The only thing requested of me - some vanilla ice cream. Which was sublime over a cobbler Dana tossed together from oatmeal & fresh blackberries. Ummmmm. I'll bet she's having some for breakfast even as I write this.

And, after that, we visited Darla's charming cottage. Her home is a storybook that includes lazy cats and eager pups, her own decorating style of incredible hand-painted murals, and a host of garden-y touches, a very elegant & eclectic style that defies description. I'm hopeful that she'll start a blog soon with glimpses of her artwork and home. Until then I won't spoil the fun, but I will tell you that she opened the french doors and we spent the summer evening under the stars in the tree tops, with margaritas in hand, on her upstairs balcony lounging on wrought iron chaises & vintage wicker, across from a quaint little gazebo, echoes of Louie Armstrong from a neighbor's gathering and our own laughter filling the air, and hummingbirds swirling around us & her overflowing flowerpots.

Yes, it is a wonderful life.

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