Tuesday, July 10, 2007

puppy news hidden in this post

two kiddo funnies:
I'm working on a project for Dana's bday. A collage with her family's birthdates... her style, to match a heritage wall we started in her dining room. My helpers are sorting buttons all over the living room floor and pocketing trinkets like crazy. Yes, I have a craft room. But it's too messy. I'm working on their wedding anniversary (January 27, 1984) and Cathrynn says, "I didn't know they were married". We spent a night at their home last week, with her husband and two grown children!

And tonight, at their bedtime, we talked about Chance being our foster dog afterall and that he has 2 very excited parents tonight. Cathrynn was a bit misty eyed. I tell them that the people are about Grammy & Pappy's age (60ish) and are excited to have a dog to keep them company, just like Bama makes Grammy & Pappy so happy. And Liv says about her grandparents, "are they ever going to have a kid?"

Bye, Chance.
Or whomever you end up being.

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