Thursday, July 12, 2007

sew exciting!

Excuse the scan - lots of itty bitties made the scan pretty crappy, and 1/2 or all going their own way - but Dana's sampler is coming out better than I planned... I only have a corner started but I know she'll love it.

She's doing a "wall of shame" (her words!) in her dining room of all sepia pix of her family & she's framing it all in old salvage windows and using lots of old brooches & stamping their names.

I printed their pix on some great old muslin - you can see right through it - cool, huh? And it didn't even junk the printer this time! She won't believe I did it all without a glue stick, gun, or tacky glue. The itty bitty dog pin was a lucky thrift store find yesterday in the bottom of a tray that really was pretty, um, scary. only $1.99! And the Big Mac button cuddled inside the big red, is our High School's nickname, you'd never find her it at a McD!

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