Thursday, July 26, 2007

she's co-co for coconut

Cathrynn's last food obsession is coconut. She's happily munching (and with 4 loose teeth - rather loudly I might add) on a bowl even as I type. She even added to her cupcakes - an ultra-cool-thought of it all by herself. To date, I'm the only one who's eaten one (okay, four or so, but someone has to, right?). Liv's licked a lot of icing and C just admires hers from afar. Here's my little cupcakes & their little cupcakes. Off to bake another pineapple upside down cake. Because we have another funeral today. Yes - the 3rd in 4 weeks. The girls should be traumatized for life with all this, especially Cathrynn having to wear a dress again. I promised her after Gramm's that she'd not have to wear another one all summer. Who knew? And Liv just casually questions things about death. Inanimate objects - will they die? She hasn't asked the big questions about the rest of the family. Frank insists that funerals are a healthy part of life 'cause he had a lot of fun at them growing up. Okay. The girls had fun at the first one. I'll give him that but the 3rd? People are just disappearing around here. I might need therapy after this.

Where did you go for your summer vacation? Three funeral homes & cemeteries. Hope they don't make her write an essay.

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