Saturday, July 7, 2007

Passer-Uppers Guilt

Don'tcha hate when you find something you LOVEloveLOVE at some antique store and then pass it up repeatedly for something else. Until one day it's gone forever and all you can do is slap yourself on the head, wail & whine to your girlfriends?Okay - a bit dramatic, but ya know what I'm talking about -
Passer-uppers guilt.

Shopper's guilt? No way Jose!
Buyer's remorse? Never. Nada.
I only lament the junque I've passed over. The best part of thrifting & antiquing is knowing you might never see that item again. So, the pretty, faded shoe bag that's been calling
my name for months at Preserve Cottage is MINE.
These pockets are going to hold some of my favorite
junque at arm's reach in the craft room:Away from little creative fingers that are prone to
leaving marker caps off & using the really BIG buttons and gizmos
that I've been squirreling away.

So, don't pass up good junque!

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