Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dog Daze

Me: Do you think the puppy should stay here? (not that the kids decide - we're not those kind of parents!)
Liv: Yes! But maybe he could live outside. Like Snoofy Brown. In his own house.

Puppy has his days & nights a bit off. I'm awakened at 3am for a pee stop and 'til he's ready for his 8am nap, it's all whimpering, whining & the occasional bark when I dare to nod off. We watched HSN last night. All night.

So here's the thing. I don't know if I want a dog. Particularly, this dog. Or even any dog after the first 48 hours. Seriously, I have just had my first great nights since the girls were born. After 6 years of mothering babies and toddler with all the diapers, crying and feedings 'round the clock, this summer they're pre & school age and play so hard they fall asleep exhausted and s.l.e.e.p. All night.

My reasons seem so petty, especially preparing my defense for my animal rescue friends. I hate the pee & cleaning the poop in the yard, already! He's probably shepherd mix and that has a ton of issues for me. When Dee was in kindergarten she was hit by the car b/c she was so afraid of a big barking, shepherd that we attempted to cross a busy road. Plus, I had 2 with the exdh that didn't make me any more fond of the breed. I can handle a mutt. I just don't want a dog that I'll be afraid of when he gets bigger. Give me a bigger boxer dog & no problem - but I can barely look a shepherd in the eyes. The girls are terrified off being bitten so they squeal & run and make him even more animated - chasing their toes and nipping at them.

I must not be happy about this b/c at around 4am, I had the thought "if I'm going to awake all night - I might as well get pregnant and have a baby". Thud. Luckily, I didn't act on that.

Btw, can someone please tell me why cats are so much easier? If this were a cat he'd already be ready to go. And could stay for the duration.

Rocket nods in agreement.

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