Tuesday, July 31, 2007

there's no cornstarch in poundcake

Not any baking powder in today's batch either. That's what happens when you put all your pantry items in pretty mason jars and only label the lids. To recover, I spooned a dash of baking powder into the cakes while in the oven. Cathrynn knew something was up and even said, "this doesn't look right" as I poured the thin batter into the pretty rose pan and ignored her. I silently agreed but checked the amount of flour and proceeded.
Why are we baking? Because it's so hot outside today, I refuse to melt again. After yesterday's play date at 3pm - I'm done with it. I gave in and cranked the oven. Hopefully the a/c will be kind and not have a heat stroke. The girls twisted my arm and the scent of Caramel Rum Poundcake is filling the house. And I'm doing day 2 of healthy eating. I avoided Dairy Queen ice cream cake with chocolate fudge & cookie filling last night. I have willpower. And a large behind.

And for a healthy alternative, the girls made some eye-watering salsa. Yum!

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