Saturday, August 18, 2007

Come on over for some... Almond & Plum Cake

Instead of breakfast, brunch or possibly even lunch today, I'm having this warm from the oven. Dad stopped by for coffee while Mom got her nails done around the corner and I had this treat for us. So what to do with a bunch of plums leftover from the farmer's market last week? Try Catherine Bell's quick almond & plum cake from her cookbook Everyday Epicurean

Dad's review complete with Food Network style fork in mid-air, chewing and narrative skills: "perfect - the cake is moist and sweet and the plums have a nice tart touch". I'll add that I skipped the oil in the recipe and used all butter instead cause that's how I like to bake and I was a bit zealous with the cinnamon... the best part for me is the great crusted edges. My plums were halved b/c I couldn't figure out how to pit them whole as stated in the recipe and I couldn't find a paper doily to make a pretty powdered sugar design but still de-lish! If you'd like the recipe - let me know.

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