Sunday, August 5, 2007

a stitch in time

Note the date & time please! Cathrynn started hand stitching this week. The sweltering heat kept up indoors and after a ton of pestering, I finally gave in. She was right (again!) and did fine. I tried to catch her with her tongue out, oh so cute - her concentration pose! Yes, she's mighty pleased with herself. She made a tiny felt pillow, a small green pocket (shown above) and a pink pillow for her dolls. At least she has something good to remember from this grim summer (3 funerals & a puppy that went to a new home after 4 days, yikes!).

For a fresh start for August, I changed the colors here (in case you haven't noticed the vibrant format!). These happy flowers are from a vintage cloth napkin. What makes me even happier - I got 2 of them at a thrift store for 49 cents last week.

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