Monday, August 27, 2007

Sewing Hangover - Ouch

It seemed like a good idea - stay up until 2:30am because I had a goal to finish last night. Broke another sewing needle - for a weekly total of 3, hand stitched until my finger has a blister & my nails hurt - who knew I was so sensitive? The needle gave up in defeat I tell you, something like "If you aren't going to stop I will!"
Awoke to a chatty Cathrynn Rose before 8:00am. Breathing on me and asking what was hanging from my face, if you guessed a wad of thread - ding ding, you're right! When I was an enthusiastic scrapbooker, I was always leaving a trail of sticky paper fragments and that pesky pink stuff that comes on the really good double stick tape. And is full of static and would usually end up trailing on my behind. Now, I look like I'm an exotic animal shedding multi-colored fibers. I don't even notice until I see the raised eyebrow of Frank or Cathrynn's announcement that I need the lint brush before leaving the house. Lecture from Frank that the vacuum was almost killed by the great wad of thread. I think - yep, I'm still vacuuming - you should be glad I'm not obsessively sewing, what's the problem?

Off to make popcorn for the girls' breakfast, due to repeated and loud requests. After all, it's the next to the last day of summer vacation. Let's have some fun. Quiet fun.

Feeding the kids and vacuuming - I'm the picture of domesticity.

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