Tuesday, August 7, 2007

thrifty finds

Yesterday, I had to go into the city & made a secretive stop at a Red, White & Blue Thrift Store. Secretive because, Frank would NOT understand WHY I would need to visit, or worse shop, for more old stuff. Yeah, I know - but I was right there, kwim? My purchases were small and able to get lost in the shuffle of linens & buttons. I didn't divulge such classified information since he didn't ask, and more importantly, the girls didn't spill the beans this time. Happiness for less than $10... 3 aprons at .95 each - the best - the teal, rose & black rose toile that I scanned for my header above - gorgeous, huh? And drum roll please... Cathrynn's find of the day. As I was searching the bags of craft stuff, when Cathrynn holds up a pretty aqua kitty tin, and asked, "what about this?" So adorable, I gasped, especially when I realized it was full of buttons. We didn't know exactly what kind since it was taped shut and I didn't want to draw attention to such an extravaganza, lest they reprice it! Even a pound of so of whites would've made our day... but we cracked open the lid to this treasure chest for $2.95:

Eight matching napkin rings for $1.95 - the girls love them!
Although Vince did ask, "who would make such a thing? And why?"

I promised we'll use them on the table tonight for Caitlin's 20th birthday dinner.
On the menu - Italian bread, homemade meatballs,
linguine with shrimp in pesto & garlic sauce,
Dad's cuke & 'mato salad
cheesecake with strawberries & whipped cream. YUM!

Here's the American Cutie (says so right on her shirt!) waiting for dinner:

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